Established in 1988, King Car Biotechnology has an Orchid Cultivation Center, an Aquaculture Division, and an Afforestation Park. The Orchid Cultivation Center’s main operations include the breeding of Phalaenopsis (moth orchid), tissue flask cultivation, production of virus-free seedlings, and sales of potted flowers. The Aquaculture Division uses the most advanced facilities to produce King Car Fresh Shrimp. The company uses farming technology that does not involve any chemical agents or antibiotics, which makes our shrimp popular among consumers. Finally, the Afforestation Park features a large number of planted trees, as well as the Mr. Brown Café Castle, everyone’s first step to becoming one with the natural environment. We invite the public to come, take a stroll, and feel the beauty of nature with your heart.
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Orchid Cultivation Center
King Car's moth orchids are produced on a planned basis according to advance orders. The facility includes a 427,000 square-foot precision computer controlled greenhouse and a 85,400 square-foot flower induction cold room. The center is enough orchids are grown to stably meet both domestic and international demands. The tissue cultivation and production base has 115 work platforms, as well as PCR and ELISA viral testing technology. Thus, all the cultivated orchids are of top quality and have received domestic and international recognition numerous times.
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Aquaculture Division
The Aquaculture Division was established in 1996. Its main operation is shrimp farming using pure seawater from the Pacific Ocean, as well as farming technology that requires no chemicals or antibiotics. The cultivated shrimp are well loved by consumers. King Car Fresh Shrimp received national GAP certification in 2004 and CAS certification in 2005. In the same year, the company expanded its operations by building patented enclosed aquaculture facilities. The company believes in freshness, safety, sanitation, and nutrition. All shrimps are flash frozen and packaged at -36°C and delivered at -18°C to ensure that our fresh, delicious Pacific white shrimp reaches the consumer in the best condition.
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Afforestation Park
King Car’s Mr. Brown Café Castle is located in Toucheng Township, Yilan County, overlooking Guishan Island in the Pacific Ocean. The European-style building and décor gives the park a sense of vitality with its own unique style. Here, you can walk comfortably in a natural environment and enjoy Mr. Brown Café’s high quality, freshly brewed coffee. This is where modern people go to relax the body and the mind.
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