Life starts from each cup of Mr. Brown Café aromatic coffee. Each cup of coffee tells a different life story, and Mr. Brown Café shares every beautiful moment of life with you.
Mr. Brown Café
Mr. Brown Café (Mr. Brown Coffee Co., Ltd.) was established in 1998. King Car has 20 years of experience in coffee beverage development and an excellent brand reputation, and Mr. Brown Café was the company’s first crossover into the food and beverage industry. Mr. Brown Café uses specially selected single varietal Arabica coffee beans from superior coffee plantations and the beans are freshly roasted weekly. Since the founding of the first Mr. Brown Café, the company’s mission has always been to “provide customers with good coffee and cultivate local coffee culture.” Mr. Brown Café aims to occupy the market position of high-quality coffee provider. The cafés feature an artistic décor and cozy ambience with impeccable services, environment, and products. Customers can walk into any Mr. Brown Café to enjoy freshly brewed coffee and relax their minds. Mr. Brown Café prides ourselves in our deep roasted coffee beans, with a rich flavor and aftertaste with a slight hint of wine-like sourness, as well as an elegant floral fruity aroma. This coffee pairs perfectly with milk to create different styles of coffee. Recently, Mr. Brown has introduced artisanal coffee in response to market trends. These artisanal coffees possess the perfect purity, texture, stylishness, and delicious flavor of specialty coffees, providing a more exquisite coffee experience. To allow everyone to enjoy our coffees and foods with peace of mind, Mr. Brown Café prepares all our dishes according to strict food processing procedures. Each day, all equipment, utensils and the environment are sanitized with alcohol to ensure food quality and safety. The King Car Group’s national-level food testing laboratory regularly samples and tests raw materials from suppliers, the store’s drinking water, the ice cubes, the eating/drinking utensils, and various food products. The company uses test standards that are more stringent than national standards to ensure customers’ dining safety.
Mr. Brown Capsule Coffee Business Department
Established in 2015, the products are strictly monitored by Mr. Brown’s professional coffee evaluation team. The capsule coffee department is engaged in technical collaboration with the well-known Italian brand Caffitaly System to formulate different types of classic coffee flavors so consumers can enjoy a great cup of coffee any time. Mr. Brown capsules utilize a special two-layer filtering system to perfectly release the coffee’s richness and taste. The chic Mr. Brown capsule coffee machine also demonstrates the owner’s unique taste.
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Mr. Brown Coffee Sales Department

This department primarily focuses on B2B business, and the supply of raw materials. It is an extension of King Car’s professionalism in the coffee sector for more than 30 years, and the company’s determination to give consumers the best coffee in cooperation with their suppliers. Coffee bean sales items: pound packages of Mr. Brown Coffee beans, customized flavor coffee beans.

Contact number: +886-2-2507-6869