King Car Cultural & Educational Foundation was established in 1980 based on the King Car Group’s philosophy of sustainable operation “receiving from society, using for society. ” Since its establishment, the foundation set its mission to promote social welfare and innovative educational services in response to world trends. Currently, the foundation is hoping to cultivate educational services based on the core objective of advancing social welfare, reading education, art education, and literature promotion, and to connect with the international community. Putting our philosophy on education into action, the foundation is devoted to the mission of cultivating world citizens with life-long learning habits and aesthetic taste.
Global Issues :
From me to us in an era of no boundaries

Taiwan is not merely an island - it is a member of the global community. Beyond fostering the sustainable use of Taiwan's environmental resources, we hope to harness the forces of education to promote the achievement of the United Nations' sustainable development goals and establish positive global partnerships. With "From me to us" as our core value, we look forward to galvanizing action and reflection across cultures and beyond national boundaries. We believe that as long as you have the will, everyone has a chance to change the world.
Local Concern :
Hoping in our hearts that communities will be in harmony

King Car engages in social welfare programs that concern the underprivileged youths of the homeland. It supports social welfare groups and youth services, and jointly assist in building a prosperous and harmonious society in Taiwan. King Car sponsors symposiums on positive living and public interest activities, encourages young people to bravely step out of their comfort zone, and strives to make a positive impact on society. It also provides educational resources for youths, providing a stage for them to cultivate their humanities, and pass on Taiwan's precious indigenous arts and culture. We hope to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and make people's lives even better. We invite you to join us in caring for this land.
Cultural Understanding :
Fostering a zero-distance contact between local communities and the world
According to historical records stretching back to around four hundred years, the interactions of unique cultures during different time periods created Taiwan's current cultural diversity. The enchanting, exciting story of this land is still waiting to be seen and understood. We hope that by taking a cultural perspective that is in tune with people's lives, we can encourage young people to explore Taiwan and its international links. We hope they learn to appreciate cultural diversity, understand their own place in the world, and nurture the next generation to appreciate their homeland.
Art & Education :
Promoting the aesthetic life and creating platforms for artistic accomplishment
King Car Cultural and Educational Foundation seeks to support emerging arts and promote the aesthetic life. In 2008, it established its art center, which includes the Nanjing, Chengde, and Yuanshan branches in order to create platforms for art exhibitions. These cultural & art centers are also taking firm and steady steps to connect with the world. At the same time, we are sponsoring talks on art and culture and campus workshops, providing opportunities for people to listen to artists' inspirational and moving accounts. Furthermore, King Car also holds various arts and cultural activities, such as oil painting awards, design awards, novel awards, and new poetry awards. Our nationwide promotion of the aesthetic life is enriching the nation's artistic and cultural endowment.