King Car strives to achieve perfection. The raw materials and packaging for all products must pass inspection by the TAF certified King Car Research Institute to ensure product quality and food safety for consumers. Dedicated to doing our very best in everything we do. King Car was established in Taiwan; it now has sales locations in the European and American markets. This allows consumers across the globe to enjoy more quality products, which is why the King Car name is well-known internationally.
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Promoting social welfare and creating innovative educational services
To fulfill its social responsibilities, the King Car Group established the King Car Cultural & Educational Foundation in 1980. The Foundation's current mission consists of the four chief goals of "global issues, cultural understanding, artistic beauty, and local concern" to promote international awareness among young people. We hope that youths will show concern for both local culture and global issues and become citizens of the world in realizing the goals of sustainable development.
Dare to Be an Innovative Pioneer

The King Car Group is always pursuing excellence, innovation, and professional organization based on the philosophy of “consumers first.” In response to global trends, the King Car Group has invested a significant amount of research resources to improve the public’s food quality, offer better care to consumers, and create a healthier environment for every one of us in the 21st century.
Whatever you do, do it the best

The King Car Group adheres to the principle of doing everything to the best of our ability. This principle has been passed down from the first Chu Chen Co. products to the latest King Car foods and beverages. King Car not only is the leading company in Taiwan’s bottled coffee market, but is also the creator of Taiwan’s first whisky distillery, Kavalan, making Taiwan the “new home of whisky.