King Car Logistics was established in 2004 with two operating locations, in Zhongli District, Taoyuan and Yuanshan Township, Yilan County. King Car uses its self-operated sites and logistics system to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of King Car products to their destinations. King Car Logistics has become one of Taiwan’s most professional and reliable warehousing and logistics teams.
Room temperature products
transportation of beverages, foods, and cleaning supplies
Refrigerated products
transportation of beverages, raw frozen foods
Raw materials
transportation of raw materials for foods and metal products
Logistics center
transportation to convenience stores and hypermarkets
Gas stations
transportation to gas stations across Taiwan
Return truck shipping
the transportation of products and raw materials northbound
Business Items
King Car Logistics currently has over 30 delivery vehicles that mainly serve manufacturers of bulk products. Trucking routes extend from Yilan to Pingdong and deliver King Car products to approximately 100,000 retail sales locations across Taiwan. King Car Logistics prioritizes customer service, and aims to deliver products into our customers’ hands safe, in perfect shape and on time.
Vehicle team organization
46-ton curtain-side room-temperature truck and full trailer combination Volume limitation
26 ton trailer truck (length x width x height) = 8.3m * 2.5m * 2.3m
20 ton trailer (length x width x height) = 7.1m * 2.5m * 2.3m

Tonnage limitation
Under 26 tons
46-ton refrigerated full trailer
46-ton refrigerated full trailer Volume limitation
26-ton trailer truck (length x width x height) = 8.1m * 2.2m * 2.3m
20-ton trailer (length x width x height) = 6.7m * 2.2m * 2.3m

Load limitation
Under 30 tons
35-ton 40-feet semi-trailer and 20-ton trucks

Industry Alliance Proposal
Volatile changes in international crude oil prices have increased transportation costs and added significant pressure on transportation operators. Since its establishment in 2004, King Car Logistics believes in professionalism and reliable service. In order for the transportation industry to overcome external environmental threats, King Car Logistics sincerely hopes to cooperate with transport operators in the same industry, and to use the routes of different operators to compensate for one another’s shortcomings. This way, operators can work together and create win-win results.
Business inquiries
Customer service hotline
Same industry alliance → transportation route planning and integration

Proposal: Model of corporation, terms, and other details

Please fill out the following information and contact us via fax or face-to-face contact.

King Car Logistics will carefully process your proposal. We hope to have the opportunity to collaborate for a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship.
Operation headquarters

No. 412, Rongmin S. Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320


Operation Branch

No. 326, Yuanshan Rd. Sec. 2, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264